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Since we have 7 games tomorrow, there will be some time changes.

Games tomorrow start from 7pm and finish 11pm. Please tell your teammates about these so they could arrive on time.

7:00 pm AGS Court 1 – Velkoz vs Hotshots (Duty: Hong-Qi)
7:00 pm AGS Court 2 – OBAR vs OGs (Duty: Gilas)

8:00 pm AGS Court 1 – Hong-Qi vs Gilas (Duty: Huracan)
8:00 pm AGS Court 2 – DSU vs Fire (Duty: OBAR)

9:00 pm AGS Court 1 – Huracan vs Artwok (Duty: DSU)
9:00 pm AGS Court 2 – Ba Yi Rocket vs United (Duty: Fire)

10:00 pm AGS Court 2 – Starz vs Low Key (Duty: Ba Yi Rocket)

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