AKBK Season 13 Team Registration

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  • AKBK Season 13 will be held from 21 JUN 2017 and ended on 18 OCT 2017. During these 18 weeks, 6 games are scheduled every Wednesday night – 2 games at 7:30pm, 2 games at 8:30pm and 2 games at 9:30PM.
  • Total 14 teams will play a full league for the first 15 weeks then the playoffs for 3 weeks.
  • Team Registration Fee is $700 (including Subscriptions into Glory League Video system). Payable to 12-3011-0040802-01 (REF: team name)
  • Game Fee to participate in the game each day is $5 per player.
  • Without paying game fee that team cannot be played on the day.
  • There will be 2 BYE weeks for each team.
  • Please prepare your payment before the game.
  • Only registered players below can play games during the season.
  • To register additional players due to injury or convincing reasons please inform our staff, it may be permitted. (More details will be postedon our facebookpage; www.akbk.co.nz)
  • The least number of registered players for one team is 7, no more than 12.
  • On game day, if a team has less than 4 players, the game will be forfeited.
  • Players must wear uniforms with numbers on the front and back.
  • Please email info@akbk.co.nz if you have any other questions.

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