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Game Time Changes for Week 15

Hi all,

It’s the final week of the regular season. Are you ready for the playoffs? Not yet until it’s all done. We are exciting to see the final matchups.

As you already know we have 7 games tonight and it will start at 7pm and end at 11pm. Please make sure of your game time and come on time.

7:00 pm AGS Court 1 – OBAR vs Urban Seal (Duty: Matadors)

7:00 pm AGS Court 2 – Swaggy Crew vs USW Sealers (Duty: DSU)

8:00 pm AGS Court 1 – Matadors vs DSU (Duty: Velkoz)

8:00 pm AGS Court 2 – Hong-Qi vs Fire (Duty: Swaggy Crew)

9:00 pm AGS Court 1 – Velkoz vs Imoral (Duty: Hong-Qi)

9:00 pm AGS Court 2 – Ba Yi Rockets vs Bad Five (Duty: Fire)

10:00 pm AGS Court 2 – Starz vs Space Jam (Duty: Ba Yi Rockets)


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