AKBK Season 15 Rulebook



a. AKBK is an Asian basketball league in Auckland. Each player must be an Asian. If a player is half Asian and half non-Asian, he must hold his own passport for the Asian country. And he also need to present a valid passport or proof of the citizenship.

b. Here is the list contains all 44 Asian countries based on FIBA federations



a. There is a 15-week regular season plus a 3-week playoffs. The league schedule will be distributed at the beginning of the season.

b. Games postponed for any reason will be re-scheduled by the League Director and posted on the web site (http://akbk.co.nz).

c. No game will be re-scheduled without the permission of the League Director.


A team may contain 12 registered players in a roster. Each team may register new players anytime as long as there are empty slots in their roster. For instance, if there are 9 registered players before the season starts and there are 3 empty slots to fill a full roster, the captain may make a request to register up to 3 more players anytime before the playoffs. After the deadline no more player registration will be allowed unless there are serious injuries or convincing reasons.


a. Only registered players can play games during the season. Captains must inform the League Director of additional players at least a day prior to the game day with the players’ contact details and their uniform numbers.

b. A game will be controlled by 2 referees, 1 scorer and 1 scoreboard controller.

c. Captains will require team members to be at the gym site 15 minutes prior to the game to insure all games start on time.

d. Before and after the game, each team must proceed to centre court led by their captains and exchange handshakes.

e. Each team must have a minimum of 4 uniformed players on the court at the scheduled game time, prepared to begin the game. If a team has 3 or less uniformed players 5 minutes after the scheduled game time that team will be penalised by 4 points per minute. If a team is 15 minutes late after the scheduled game time, the Referee may declare a forfeit and award the victory to the opposing team. Players may not be loaned between teams to avoid a forfeit. If a “loaned” player is discovered, the violating team(s) will automatically forfeit the game. If both teams have less than 4 players, 15 minutes after the scheduled game time, a double forfeit shall be declared.

Forfeit Fine: A fine of $100.00 per game forfeited may be imposed if a team has 3 or less players to play games.

f. In the event a League Referee is not available for the game, a substitute adult(s) agreed upon by both opposing captains may be used and he/she shall have the same powers as a League Referee. If the League Referee arrives after the start of the game, he/she should take command of the game.


At the end of the season, in the event of a tie, league standings will be determined as follows:

In the event that two or more teams have the same winning percentage:

First, PD(Point Differential)

then, coin flip


a. Each team may have up to 12 registered players on its roster

b. If a player who’s not registered on the roster is found, it results in the team forfeiting that game and further disciplinary action will be considered by the League Director.


a. If a team that has the duty of scorer does not provide a scoring person at the scheduled time, there will be a $50 fine for the penalty. Times of the duties are also be listed on the schedule. Each team will have the duties 6 or 7 times for the regular season and 1 or 2 times for the playoffs. These are determined by random draws.

b. All captains are encouraged to monitor their players and spectators on the issues of garbage disposal, respect for gym property and equipment, crowd behaviour and bathroom cleanliness.


a. The proper uniform in the League for each team is a reversible team jersey with numbers on the front and back.

SAFETY EQUIPMENT: Players who normally wear glasses have three options a) not wear glasses while playing b) wear contact lenses while playing c) must use safety (sport) goggles while playing.

b. Players may not wear hats, earrings, necklaces, other jewerlry or anything that may injure any player. Long hair should be either tied back or a headband should be used.

c. Players will not be allowed to play game if they are not in proper uniforms, which includes the safety equipment.


All captains are charged with being familiar with both the general rules and game rules of the league and of explaining same to the players.

1. Games will consist of four 12-minute quarters with a running clock and 1-minute breaks between quarters. For the last 3 minutes of the fourth quarter game time will stop at the stoppage of play.

2. A field goal must be attempted within 24 seconds. (24-second violation), When it’s offensive rebounds, reset to 14 seconds.

3. When a team has committed 5 team fouls in a quarter two free throws will be given to the opponent team. Once a team has committed 4 team fouls scorers at the score bench must set up the penalty cone to signal that the team is in the team foul penalty.

4. Three 30-second time outs will be given to each team.

1 time-out during the first half

2 time-out during the second half

A bench player/captain or scorer may call a time out while standing at the scorer’s table. A time-out cannot be called by both teams when the game clock shows 2 minutes or less in the first 3 quarters.

A time-out opportunity begins when:

– For both teams, the ball becomes dead(Out of bounds or Fouls), the referee has ended his communication with the scorer bench.

– For both teams, the ball becomes dead following a successful last or only free throw.

– For the non-scoring team, a filed goal is scored.

A time-out opportunity ends when the ball is at the disposal of a player for a throw-in or for a first or only free throw.

5. There are no ties in the league. There is a two-minute overtime at the end of regulation time in case of a tie, all fouls, timeouts, and scoring, carry over into the overtime period.

6. The referees will allow substitutions at the stoppage of play once a player is at the scorer’s table. A substitute or scorer may signal the nearest referee with the SUB card.

7. A player must leave the game after five personal fouls. (Foul-out)

8. The referee is authorised to call a technical/ejection foul when a player complains too vehemently about calls –



– is generally assessed in the event of a player fouling another with no intention of playing at the ball, or a Foul which involves violent or excessive contact which could cause injury.

– A player shall be ejected when he is charged with two unsportsmanlike fouls.


– Technical fouls on players are counted as one of team fouls.

– Two technicals on a player or a third technical on the bench results in his ejection.


– Any misconduct or acts of violence committed by any member of the team

– Throwing a punch, intentional elbowing or striking with a closed fist (with or without contact) committed by a player

– Two unsportsmanlike committed by a player

– A combination of an unsportsmanlike foul and a technical foul or vice-versa committed by a player.

– Fighting committed by substitutes, coaches and other team bench personnel who leave the confines of the team bench area during a fight or during any situation which may lead to a fight shall be subject to ejection from the game and may be subject to game suspension.


Suspension: Punching / Brawl

If any player who throws a punch, whether it connects or not, has committed an

unsportsmanlike act. He will be ejected immediately and suspended for a specific suspensions.

The amount of suspension will be determined by AKBK committee group.

9. All other rules are the same as FIBA’s rules

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